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Posted by Jason Fearing on 12/28/19

Welcome to Low Cost Virtual

Welcome to Low Cost Virtual Airlines, a virtual airline that was created to faithfully recreate real-world, current VA operations of three US-based carriers, who are exclusive Airbus operators: Allegiant Air, Frontier Airlines & Spirit Airlines

What this VA is...

  • We're about having fun, flying fake planes (sometimes with ATC) and sharing our love of aviation with an emphasis on flying these carrier's real world routes with an Airbus.
  • We use TFDi's smartCARS that is available for free to all pilots to use to log their flights.
  • We acknowledge that not everyone wants to fly an Airbus. So we've added a 757-200 and the MD-80 family to our fleet, to represent aircraft Allegiant previously operated.

At the end of the day, we believe that you should enjoy your simulation experience at whatever speed, level of realism and immersion you desire. The only thing we'll ever ask for in a PIREP is: "Did you have a good flight?"

What this VA is not...

  • There's no long list of rules, activity requirements, PIREP requirements or other such expectation.
  • There's no Discord, training program or extensive documentation library with downloads and curated content.

Ladies & 'gents. There are lot of great VAs out there, many of them offer a phenominal, high level of detail, and emphasis on real-world procedures and expectations. We encourage anyone interested in flight simulation to pursue them and explore what they have to offer. We're not going to set expectations for something we're not but rather we're going to be real good at offering what we can maintain.

Thanks for stopping by, thanks for checking us out and welcome aboard!

Our Flights

Division Pilot Flight Dep Arrival Status Alt Distance/Time

Latest Flights

Flight Pilot Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration V/S Info
FFT8521Reece VerrettMMUNKDENA320-21403.53-184 ft/mPending
NKS3523Jason FearingKDTWKBWIA320-23201.148 ft/mAccepted
FFT8986Conor McEwanKLASKSANA320-21400.55-98 ft/mAccepted
FFT524Reece VerrettKDENKMCIA320-251N01.17-102 ft/mAccepted
FFT9061Cody KnoxKAUSKDENA321-21101.54-454 ft/mAccepted
FFT7053Reece VerrettKTYSKDENA320-21403.23-374 ft/mAccepted
FFT541Reece VerrettKDENKTYSA320-21402.18-350 ft/mAccepted
FFT3226Reece VerrettKATLKDENA320-251N02.59-278 ft/mAccepted
FFT6413Reece VerrettKSFOKDENA320-21404.10-182 ft/mAccepted
NKS974Jason FearingKFLLKDTWA320-271N02.47-175 ft/mAccepted

Pilots Online

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Pilots: 36
Total Airline Hours: 1,153
Flights: 538
Flights Today: 0
Miles Flown: 396,833
Aircraft: 339
Passengers: 30,268
Routes: 6492

Newest Pilots

LCV605 Valen Gonzales
LCV604 Tyler Elisia
LCV595 Micah Vobora
LCV594 Nick Grewal
LCV593 Jeff Storm